Server Colocation: Easy, Affordable, Reliable

Server Colocation is one of our company's most popular services. Since the very beginning, we've striven to make colocation a "set it and forget it" service. Clients only need to deliver their server to our data center, and we completely take care of the rest (the installation, Internet connection, etc.).


Exchange Rates


Dedicated and Virtual Servers in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg

  • Virtual Private Cloud

    • convenient resource management system
    • API Cloud Management available
    • easy configuration
    • transparent payment system
    • 3 TB free traffic
  • Dedicated Server Sale

    • steadily decreasing server costs
    • renewal costs equal to purchasing costs
    • 100 Mb/s unlimited bandwidth guaranteed
    • no set up fee for participating servers
    • quick set-up
  • Cloud Storage and CDN

    • unlimited storage space
    • automatic resource allocation
    • pay-as-you-go pricing
    • private and public containers
    • FTP access
    from 10 rub/month Read more
  • Dedicated Server

    • the latest hardware from Supermicro
    • power management in the clients panel
    • access to the boot menu with popular OS
    • Internet connection at 100 Mb/s
    • IP-KV;
    from 5200 rub/month Read more

Selectel is the largest data center operator in Russia. The company offers a wide range of services on the base of data-centers in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg.

Dedicated Server

Choose a dedicated solution that fits your needs like a glove.

  • the latest hardware from Supermicro;
  • power management in the clients panel;
  • Internet connection at 100 Mb/s;
  • IP-KVM.
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размещение сервера

Locate your hardware in our modern and reliable data centers.

  • 24 hour security;
  • 24 hour access to hardware;
  • server reboot on request;
  • IP KVM on request.
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Cloud Server

Get more computing power when you need it with performance that adapts to spikes in your workload.

  • failover protection;
  • flexibility and scalability;
  • Internet connection at 1Gb/s;
  • pay-as-you-go pricing.
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Cloud Storage and CDN

Your files are available from anywhere at any time with our Cloud Storage.

  • unlimited storage space;
  • pay-as-you-go pricing;
  • private and public containers;
  • FTP access.
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Virtual Server

Shared hosting resources are not sufficient for you? Virtual server is the best solution!

  • fast OS installation;
  • adaptive performance;
  • Internet connection at 10 Mb/s;
  • free and unlimited Internet traffic.
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Software Lease

To lease software is much cheaper than to purchase it.

  • favorable licensing conditions;
  • the latest versions of all software products;
  • moderate lease cost;
  • quick start with licensed software.
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Well-developed infrastructure

We have 6 data centers located in Saint Petersburg and Moscow. The total area of server halls is 3950 sq.m. The total number of server racks equals 1130. The total power of all data centers is 10,8 MVA.

Technical Support

Our technical support service works in 24/7/365 mode. Clients from all over the world can contact our support engineers at any time an get a rapid reply by phone or via the ticket system.