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Virtual Private Cloud

Secure, isolated infrastructures.

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Cloud Storage

Reliable storage and on-demand access.

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Dedicated Servers

Bare metal servers with unlimited traffic.

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Server Colocation

Rack space in Tier III data centers and guaranteed bandwidth.

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The Selectel Advantage


All data centers are Tier III and PCI DSS compliant 

24/7 Tech Support

Free tech support with an average response time of 10 minutes 


Internet connections from 100 Mbps to 10 Gbps 

What our customers are saying

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  • TJournal
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Ilya Chekalskiy CTO

We’ve been with Selectel since 2011. Fast servers, stable hosting, good bandwidth. What else could you ask for? Downtime is about as common as a solar eclipse. Our visitors love not only our quality material, but the super high speeds on of all our platforms.

Ilya Chekalskiy CTO

We’ve been hosting TJournal with Selectel since its initial release, and now our projects span five servers on a 1 Gigabit local network. We like the low pings, reliable data center, and the cost-effective and powerful cloud servers for our one-off projects. As we see it, Selectel is the ideal host for both small and large-scale projects.

Dmitriy Nikonorov CIO

Dnevnik.ru is the largest on-line educational resource in Russia. Since it’s available 24/7, quality is one of our top priorities. We’re glad we found such a reliable service provider and excellent partner with Selectel. We’ve been working together for five years now, and every year our service demands grow. We’d especially like to point out their convenient billing scheme, timely pre and post-sales support, handy optional services, conveniently located data centers, and the excellent number of ISPs available. We wish them the best of luck!

Sergei Grebennikov Deputy director

The number of projects we had and their specifications called for a particularly flexible and reliable partner. We picked Selectel as our provider over two years ago and we only have positive things to say. Since we started working together, Popular Vote has had no issues handling the same super high loads as our other projects. Tech support is always quick to respond, and the number and quality of services offered has gotten better. It’s nice to be working with professionals.

Anton Bayev Editor of Special Projects

We like how quick tech support is and how willing their management is to work with, and support projects developing the digital market.

Andrey Pryahin CIO

We’ve been working with these guys for over three years. We want to mention how quickly they resolve issues, their personal approach, and their warm, friendly attitude. They’re the best! We love you guys!

Maksim Borzov CTO

The question of who we should choose to host our project raised a bit of tension. With very little time on our hands, we looked at offers from several major companies market, asked around, and in the end, decided to go with Selectel. Why? The number of positive reviews. We’re glad these recommendations all ended up being well founded.

Denis Kolesnikov Voice of Kuraj Bombey

We’ve been working with Selectel since 2011 and in that time, we haven’t had any difficulties with hosting or resource availability. Our host always pulls through, even on our busiest days.

Anton Belyaev CTO

We’ve been using Selectel for a couple years. We use their Storage for saving backups and delivering content (over 2 PB sent), dedicated servers for applications, and cloud servers for light-weight, internal services. We switched from hosts abroad to Selectel to give our clients IN CIS countries «lower pings». Compared to  our previous hosts, I should say that their tech support is quick and that they’re willing to meet clients halfway, inasmuch as they’ll even add functions that their clients ask for to their services. We’re glad to see them developing their cloud services: I don’t think you can build your bases, like dedicated server hosting, without building «up» (VPS, cloud servers) and «out» (storage, monitoring).

Renat Akhmedyanov CTO

We’ve been renting servers from Selectel since 2010, and now we’re renting in the hundreds. It’s worth mentioning the price/quality ratio on servers, rare crashes, convenient control panel, their employees’ high level of expertise, and how quickly they respond to every issue.

Sergey Paramonov CTO

We have a long and productive history with Selectel, over 4 years. I can’t think of a single time when they came off as unprofessional. Their work is top-notch: quick support, a wide array of services, flexible with clients, and of course, the best combination of prices and quality.


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