Updated Cloud Storage

3x less expensive! High reliability and easy integration with no excess fees or expenses.

Experience the latest technology from Intel® for free

The Intel® Optane™ SSD DC P4800X Series. Be the first to experience the world’s fastest data center SSD

Be the first to experience the world’s fastest data center SSD

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New scalable servers

Intel® Xeon®

Servers with the new Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors are now available.

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Custom Servers

Configure the ideal server for your business or project

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Russia’s Leading IaaS Provider

We offer comprehensive solutions for any size business: from startups to multinational corporations.
Selectel provides services to over 8000 clients worldwide.

Why choose Selectel?


Services are hosted in our own Tier III data centers and are financially backed by our SLA. This lets us deliver the reliability you need while protecting your interests.


We value our customers and understand the importance of free and professional technical support. This is why our highly-qualified team of specialists works around the clock to quickly and effectively resolve all of your issues.


Manage all of your services, notifications, and balance anywhere in the world from one user-friendly control panel.

4Comprehensive services

Whatever your task is, our services can handle it: from dedicated servers to hybrid cloud infrastructures. All solutions are custom tailored to meet your technical and business requirements.

5Hybrid options

Get the IT service you need with a hybrid cloud solution. Connect a local infrastructure to the cloud and redistribute loads in just a few clicks.


Our years of experience on the hosting and cloud market have given us the insight to effectively assess our clients’ needs and to develop and improve our own services.