Affiliate Program

Selectel’s affiliate program lets you set up a stable source of primary or secondary income. By spreading the word about our services, you bring new business to our site, and we pay you accordingly.

How much can I earn?

Affiliates receive 10% the amount paid* by their referred clients for six months. This money is added to their bonus balance** and can be used to pay for Selectel services or be transferred to their bank account (for legal entities and individuals). The minimum transfer amount is 10,000 rubles.

How do I find new clients?

As an affiliate, you are given a unique affiliate code, which can be used to create a referral link. Users who follow your link and register in our Control Panel or who enter your affiliate code during registration*** are considered referred by you. Compensation is issued based on the services these users pay for.

You can share referral links and affiliate codes however you’d like: post them on forums and sites, make contextual or teaser ads, or even post banners (which you can create yourself or just use one of ours).

Start earning with Selectel today!

To take part in our affiliate program, please register and visit our affiliate page in the control panel.

Why become an affiliate?

You don’t need your own website to take part

Our affiliates are well paid

The services you advertise are high-quality

* — affiliates are only paid when referrals have paid for services;
** — affiliates are not compensated for services paid for with bonuses. Bonuses are not included when calculating the amount spent (unless they are transferred or requested to be transferred between balances);
*** — affiliate codes (referrals) can only be entered during registration. After registration, codes cannot be changed or added.