GPU Servers

Accelerated Computing Power


Selectel is now offering servers with graphics processing units for optimizing workloads and accelerating resource-intensive processes:

Get unprecedented performance without the capital expenditures by leasing a GPU server from Selectel. All of our machines are built on the latest hardware from industry-leading manufacturers.

Sample Configurations and Applications

  • 2 x E5-2630v4
  • 64Gb DDR4 ECC REG
  • 2 x 480 SSD
  • 4 x GTX1080
  • 41 000 ₽ per month
  • Remote workstations for 3D applications.
  • Economic and financial computations
  • Accelerated video processing.
  • Application development and testing.
  • 2 x E5-2630v4
  • 64Gb DDR4 ECC REG
  • 2 x 480 SSD
  • 8 x GTX1080
  • 65 000 ₽ per month
  • Accelerated high-performance computing.
  • Optimized machine learning methods.
  • Parallel data processing for bioinformatics.
  • Medical and industrial computing solutions.
  • Live video broadcasting, editing, and effect.

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