IP Failover

Maximize resource availability

IP Failover ensures uninterrupted availability of your online resources. The alternate routing provided by a failover IP lets you avoid downtime caused by hardware malfunctions, system errors, and infrastructure failures. This means your assets stay accessible, whether they're online marketplaces, news websites, or online apps.

Single-location redundancy (either in Moscow or St. Petersburg) is included in our Dedicated Server service fee. If you would like your primary and secondary equipment to be hosted in different data centers, then we recommend ordering our VRRP service for maximum reliability.


  • uninterrupted access to Internet resources if a server becomes unavailable;
  • safely update and modify servers;
  • emergency data recovery;
  • handle and distribute user requests during reboots.

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«When a project grows to the point of needing 24/7 availability, a secondary server is needed where data can be synchronized and databases replicated. If the main server ever goes offline, all incoming client requests should immediately be forwarded to the backup: if for some reason requests were still sent to the unavailable server, then we would lose potential clients.»

Anton Baranov