Safeguard your resources from hackers and denial-of-service attacks. Our Anti DDoS service lowers the risk of service unavailability and client loss.



Transparent payments for clean incoming traffic only.


Our reporting system includes comprehensive information on the scale and duration of attacks.


Protection plans are configured to meet your project’s needs.

How we clean traffic

We provide protected IP addresses (one address is included in the base fee and more can be ordered from the control panel) and a dedicated channel for secure traffic.

Incoming traffic is first sent over a secure IP address for filtering. All illegitimate traffic is dumped and your servers receive only clean traffic.

When ordering our service, you will have to indicate:

We will put together a defense strategy based on the information you provide us and that best fits your project. Protection packages have been developed for the most common server types (web servers, application servers, DNS servers).

Anti DDoS is available for Dedicated Server, Colocation, and Server Rack services.

Read about how we clean traffic in our blog.