Administrative Services

We’ll save you time and resources when migrating from other hosting providers, setting up operating systems, or troubleshooting system issues.

Prices Common tasks

Prices and curriences apply to the following countries:

    All prices include 18% VAT



    We’ll handle anything and everything related to migrating sites for new clients, installing and troubleshooting equipment, and setting up software.


    One hour of work costs 1 500 rubles. When the service is ordered, we’ll send an  estimate of the time required and wait for your approval.


    We can migrate sophisticated projects and handle any hardware architecture. Tech support is provided by LPIC and CCNA certified system administrators.


    If our tech support cannot identify a specific problem during the free period, you can use our paid diagnostic service. If we discover the problem is on our side, we will reimburse you for the service and offer additional compensation as per your SLA.

    Included in administrative services:

    • free basic diagnostics
    • free data migration from other hosts
    • hourly administration

    After a task has been completed under our hourly administration, you will be sent the following information:

    • what happened on the server
    • who caused the issue
    • the current status of the problem
    • what course to take if the issue occurs again

    With administrative services, you get

    Free data migration

    We will do everything we can to make the migration from another hosting provider as smooth as possible. Our technical specialists will perform the transfer and prepare your project for Selectel's platform. Depending on how complex the project is, migration may take up to three days.

    Free troubleshooting

    If you encounter any system or connection issues, report it via Ticket System. Our specialists will promptly perform a diagnosis and explain in clear language what needs to be done to get your server up and running properly.

    Hourly administration

    Our certified specialists are ready to perform a wide range of services for you server, from running diagnostics to troubleshooting various issues (such as restoring operating systems and file systems). Under our hourly administration service, we can install and configure the following on your servers:

    • Apache and Nginx web servers
    • PHP and additional modules
    • MySQL and PostgreSQL databases
    • VPN
    • hosting control panels
    • email services
    • backups and data restoration according to a project’s specifications
    • system monitoring

    For other tasks, please write out the details of your request and submit it via Ticket System.

    Common tasks

    Below is an example of the kinds of the services we handle.

    For other tasks, please write out the details of your request and submit it via Ticket System.

    Task Time in minutes
    Diagnose a problem 60
    Set up LAMP / LEMP / LNAMP 60
    Configure 5 virtual hosts + 5 LNAMP databases 30
    Configure PHP and extensions 30
    Configure Apache (maximum 5 virtual hosts) 30
    Configure PHP-FPM 30
    Configure NGINX (maximum 5 virtual hosts) 30
    Configure MySQL (maximum 5 databases with unique users) 30
    Configure PostrgreSQL (maximum 5 databases with unique users) 30
    Configure mail services (exim, postfix) 30
    Configure control panels (ajenti, cpanel, plesk, ispmanager) 60
    Configure FTP server (vsftpd, proftpd) 30
    Configure VPN 60
    Connect user to a VPN (maximum 5 users) 60
    Configure monitoring (Zabbix) 120
    Configure backups 120

    Configuration includes setup, modification, and optimization of systems.

    One hour of work costs 1 500 rubles. Time performed is rounded up to the hour.

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