Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage lets developers and corporations store and share their data whenever and wherever they need to.

Cloud Storage is perfect for hosting web apps, distributing content, and making system backups. Content can be accessed from our control panel, API (Openstack Swift and Amazon S3), and over FTP. Storage can be used alone or together with other Selectel services, like our Content Delivery Network (CDN), Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), and Dedicated Servers.

Resource Calculator

Data storage, GB
Outgoing traffic, GB
CDN traffic, GB

Your resources

Data storage
1GB 3
Outgoing traffic
1GB 0,8
CDN traffic
1GB 1

All incoming traffic and requests are free.
Service costs reflect only stored data and outgoing traffic.

Total cost: $ per month

All prices include 18% VAT


Increase transfer speeds by plugging into 210,000 edge servers all over the world.

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Unlimited storage

With no file size limits, Cloud Storage is perfect for storing backups and static content.

High-speed delivery

Low latency means your data is available when you need it, wherever you need it.


You only pay for the amount of data in storage and outgoing traffic.


Data is automatically stored on three separate servers.

Automatic scaling

Cloud Storage automatically scales to fit all of your data.


99.98% uptime SLA.

Available options

Public containers Distribute site and application contents.
Private containers Store backups and password protect your data.
Domain binding Host static sites and unique resources by binding 2nd and 3rd level domains to public containers.
Flexible access management Create an unlimited number of users, each with their own custom privileges.
Secure connections Cloud Storage and CDN traffic is encrypted with SSL certificates.
Custom caching Configure HTTP headers at the container and file level.
Versioning Overwritten files are moved to separate containers with timestamps and are still available when you need them.
Manage limits Set maximum container sizes and expiration dates for files.
Upload links Create links where general users can upload files to your container (no registration required).
Container listing List a container’s contents while applying CSS files.
Photo gallery Showcase images with restricted or open downloads. Works on desktops and mobile devices.
CMS integration Integrated effortlessly with Wordpress and Bitrix.
Static site hosting Use your own index and 404 error pages.

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