Server Colocation: Easy, Affordable, Reliable

Server Colocation is one of our company's most popular services. Since the very beginning, we've striven to make colocation a "set it and forget it" service. Clients only need to deliver their server to our data center, and we completely take care of the rest (the installation, Internet connection, etc.).


Exchange Rates


Cloud Server

Cloud ServerCloud Servers are on-demand virtual machines designed to deliver performance and reliability. Cloud Servers are absolutely flexible and adjust automatically for growth and peaks in demand. You pay only for the server size you actually use.

Warning: this service is not presently available.
Please use our new Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) service.
Resource Price
CPU Time 0,9 rub/hour
RAM 0,58 rubles for 1 GB per hour
IPv4-address lease 0,1 rub/hour
Information storage 9 rubles for 1 ТB per hour
Read/Write requests 5 rubles for 1 000 000 requests
Volume read/written 0,1 rubles per 1 GB
Incoming traffic 0,16 rubles per 1 GB
Outgoing traffic 0,64 rubles per 1 GB

The 18% VAT is included in all prices

Installation templates available for cloud servers:

  • Debian
  • Ubuntu
  • OpenSUSE
  • ArchLinux
  • CentOS
  • ClearOS
  • Owncloud

CPU Time

By an hour of CPU time we mean total load of one CPU core during an hour. 50% CPU core load equals 30 seconds of CPU time. 20% load of 10 cores equals 2 hours of CPU time.


The memory is regulated automatically. The memory space in the cloud server is always fixed regardless of the memory consumption by applications. The memory is allocated on the fly if needed. You pay only for the allocated memory.


  1. I/O operations - requests to blocks devices (for instance, /dev/xvda) for reading or writing data blocks;
  2. The amount of data read and written in the cloud server;
  3. The cost of the data storage depends on the disk space actually used. You pay for storaged even if you virtual machine is shut off.

Example: 10 GB in 24 hours will equal 0.01 * 24=0.24 TB-hours.


You pay for all the data transmitted and received via the network. All the data coming in and out via Ethernet are billed.

If the site is heavily loaded in the evening and the load decreases at night, what bandwidth should we allocate it? We allocate 1 GB/s bandwidth this allowing you to guarantee the stable work during the periods of heavy load and to save your money when the incoming traffic decreases.