Colocation in our modern Tier III data centers includes a guaranteed high-speed Internet connection, redundant energy sources, and optimal climate control. We ensure the continuous operation of your equipment and stable connectivity, redundant power supplies, around-the-clock security, and cutting-edge monitoring systems.

Why choose Selectel?

Free installation

Our engineers fully mount and connect all equipment in our racks. There’s no need to come to the data center.


Reboot, power up, and shut down servers on demand or request a visual inspection.

High-speed connections

Every server gets a 100 Mbps network connection that can be increased up to 10 Gbps.

Free KVM over IP

KVM over IP connections can be made by sending a request from the control panel.

Unlimited traffic

No limits on incoming or outgoing traffic volume and no hidden fees or restrictions.

IP addresses

Service fees include IPv4 and IPv6 addresses. Additional IP addresses can be purchased at any time.

Competitive pricing

The lowest prices for colocation in a Tier III data center in Russia.


Access to racks is restricted solely to our engineers and for performing maintenance.

Tier III data centers

Uninterruptible power supplies and HVAC with N+1 redundancy.

Professional administration

Our specialists can help you back up data, install operating systems, configure network connections, upgrade equipment, and more.

What’s included?