Rent enclosed server racks in reliable Tier III data centers with guaranteed bandwidth, uninterruptible power, and climate control. Racks have a height of 42U or 47U and a width of 19” or can be customized to meet specific dimensions. Maintenance can be performed by our engineers or the client.

Why choose Selectel?

Tier III data centers

Surveillance cameras and security guards provide 24-hour monitoring of all onsite activity. Clients can only access the data center with a magnetic card and accompanied by a data center employee.

Power and cooling

Racks can be upgraded to have an electrical capacity of 9 kVA. The temperature in server areas is kept at +22(±2)°С.

ISP options

25 Internet providers are available in our data centers. VLAN connections can also be established to providers at other points of presence.

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Manage servers remotely with Smart & Remote Hands

With Smart & Remote Hands, you can ask data center employees to perform diagnostics; replace parts; and configure, inspect, and take inventory of your equipment. Services can be ordered via ticket system.

Prices are shown for work on one server rack.

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