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Dedicated servers are ideal for hosting I/O intensive projects, running high-performance applications, and storing sensitive data. All of our bare metal servers are single-tenant solutions built on enterprise-class hardware, ensuring the secure and reliable storage of your data and applications. These servers deliver the perfect balance of raw performance, reliability and cost.

Various configurations

A large selection of configurations in stock. These servers can be deployed within one hour.

Custom servers

Servers can be assembled upon request and prepared within two days.


Multiple locations interconnected over a local network.


Create reliable distributed clusters that can be connected via VRRP.

Competitive prices

Additional services

Maximize service availability and capacity with monitoring, software leasing, Anti DDoS, and more.

You can choose the traffic plan that’s best for you.

Traffic plans can only be changed once every 30 days. For example, if you change your traffic plan on March 21, then you will only be able to change it back on April 21.

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Sales prices apply for a limited time only. Prices steadily decrease for the duration of the sale.

All prices include 18% VAT

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