Custom Dedicated Servers

Bare metal servers can be configured to meet your project’s needs. Choose from our inventory of high-performance parts to build your own reliable machine. Custom servers are deployed in two business days.



Discounts available when paying for multiple months in advance


for at least 3 months


for at least 6 months


for at least 1 year

Offer valid for fixed and custom configurations. If a service is terminated early, refunds for fully unused months shall be issued at the price paid for the relevant service.



Servers are configured to match your exact specifications.


Power cycling options and KVM console are available in the control panel.

Installation and restoration

Operating systems can be installed or restored from the Selectel Boot Menu.

Unlimited traffic

Incoming and outgoing traffic is 100% unlimited with no hidden fees or restrictions.

High speed

Start with a 100 Mbps network connection and upgrade up to 10 Gbps.

IP addresses

Basic fees include IPv4 and IPv6 addresses. Additional IP addresses can be purchased at any time.

Service fee includes:

  • colocation in a reliable data center
  • 100 Mbps network connection that can be upgraded to 1 Gbps
  • unlimited and unconditional traffic (no ratios)
  • 5 IPv4 addresses and a /64 subnet of IPv6 addresses
  • KVM console accessible from the control panel
  • power cycling from the control panel
  • boot and rescue console management from the control panel
  • automated OS installation

Dedicated servers are bare metal machines that can be used for storing massive amounts of data, hosting resource-intensive projects, and working with applications that are incompatible with virtualization systems.

We provide state-of-the-art high-performance Supermicro servers. Our inventory includes a wide variety of configurations, offering high performance and reliability at low costs.

Servers are housed in our reliable Tier III data centers. We provide an uninterruptible power supply, high-quality connections, and backup telecommunication channels. Every server is tested before deployment and then monitored 24/7. Our Tech Support and engineers are ready to resolve any issues as quickly as possible.

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