Virtual Private Cloud

With the VPC, you can build a flexible, scalable, and secure infrastructure with unlimited resources right at your fingertips. System and network components are deployed in an isolated virtual environment. With total control over your resources, you can create projects for processing data, running applications, and even deploying game servers.

  • vCPU, cores
    RAM, MB
    Floating IP address
    Fast disk, GB
    Universal disk, GB
    Basic disk, GB

    Your resources

    • Час
    • День
    • Месяц
    1 core 402 $
    512 MB 146 $
    Floating IP adress
    1 unit 110 $
    Fast disk
    5GB 220 $
    Universal disk
    5 GB 220 $
    Basic disk
    5 GB 36.5 $

    Total cost: 841.5 $ per month

    All prices include 18% VAT

  • Resource 1 month
    Basic disk, 1 Gb    More
    Fast disk, 1 Gb    More
    Universal disk, 1 Gb    More
    RAM, 1 Gb
    vCPU, 1 core
    Public subnet/29 (with 5 IP addresses)    More
    Floating IP address    More
    Image storage, 1 Gb
    Microsoft Windows Server Standard Edition 2012 R2 license, 1 license
    Incoming/outgoing traffic, 3 TB free
    Extra traffic, 1 GB


Easy budgeting

Rent only the resources you need. With fixed prices, you can easily plan your monthly expenses.


Add or remove virtual machines, cores, RAM, and disk space at any time. Projects can be managed from our GUI or API.

Access control

Set user privileges for every project. Users can access projects from a direct URL; no registration required.

Image support

Upload your own virtual machine in Virtualbox, KVM, VMWare, or Amazon EC2 format, or choose an image from our library of Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS, OpenSUSE, or Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard.

Import projects

Reproduce any infrastructure, regardless of complexity. With your resources, you can create as many disks, machines, or networks as you need.


Get the most out of your projects using OpenStack API. Thorough documentation, user-made tools, and tutorials are readily available.

How does the Virtual Private Cloud work?

When you create a project, you import resources into a private virtual environment. These are the resources you have to build your infrastructure, and once they’re there, they’re yours. Configure virtual machines, networks, and disks to your project’s specifications. If you’re ever faced with fluctuating workloads, our resource management system lets you add, remove, and redistribute elements at any time.

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