Solutions for game developers

Do you develop games? We tailor solutions specifically to your needs. From low-cost options for startups to powerful machines for major corporations, we have all the resources necessary to not just build an infrastructure, but to grow it with your business. Our solutions include the latest equipment, convenient tools, and responsive tech support to make sure your company succeeds.

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Solutions for the finance sector

Finance service providers rely significantly on the quality of their infrastructure. To ensure success, transactions have to be stable and secure. Selectel tailors solutions to the client’s requirements and relevant industry standards. Your service’s availability is guaranteed by a financially-backed SLA.

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Solutions for eCommerce

A platform’s stability during peak seasons increases client loyalty and a shop’s reputation. Selectel’s hybrid solutions offer the reliability and performance your shop needs, whether it’s a small project or major platform with thousands of visitors. Your site’s 24/7 availability is guaranteed by a financially-backed SLA.

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Solutions for developers

We provide an infrastructure that lets you bring ideas to life and test applications under heavy loads without any special effort or loss. Our solutions are ideal for startups and corporations, even if you already have your own infrastructure. All solutions are custom made to the client’s requirements and preferences.

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